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NTS CMH Lamp 315

  • Low cost ownership
  • Compact lamp shape
  • Superior color quality 
  • Excellent PPF value
  • Crisp white light
  • Advanced low frequency
  • Square wave technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Hight PAR value
  • Full spectrum
  • Reduced operating heat
  • Increases plant resin production
  • Rated life span 20.000 hours


This Dual Arc Tube HPS & MH Grow Lamp features the extraordinary power of Super HPS and the balanced spectrum of Metal Halide Grow Lamp in one bulb. The benefits of Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium together are vigorous growth, accelerated development, and hearty flowering. This lamp’ s unmatched energy spectrum provides the optimum light for plant growth through the entire growth cycle. This lamp operates on standard ANSI S52 ballast, for use on 1000-Watt High Pressure Sodium systems



Description Initial Lumens CRI Glass Size Packaging

Color Temp

Dual Arc Tube Lamp 600W 61,000 65 T46 29 x 29 x 31 CM 3000
Dual Arc Tube Lamp 1000W 110,000 65 ET25 33.5 x 26.2 x 44.2 CM 3000



Fully balanced spectrum provides

high energy in red, yellow, blue and

green to optimize both plant growth

and yield